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April 25, 2023

Thoughts for Moving in the Summer

Moving in the SummerBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

No matter what time of the year, moving is hectic. However moving to Houston in the summer may incorporate unique concerns and issues. Make sure you are ready for a summer move and all the obstacles that come with it by reading on…

Try to Enjoy the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be out in the open, taking pleasure in the weather and also the various summertime activities. The last spot most people want to be on a nice summertime evening is indoors packing their belongings for an forthcoming move. Consequently, take some time now to create a plan that also includes time for both packing and summer events. Through balancing your moving duties along with some exciting summertime activities, you will still get to enjoy the season. And, should you have children, attempt to get them involved in activities in both your new and old place, especially in case you are moving halfway through the summer season.

If you are moving a long distance, make an effort to time the move in order to permit you to have some good times along the way. After the professional movers in Houston have loaded up your old residence and are heading to your new residence with all your things, take the time to play tourist, presuming the delivery plan permits it. You may have time for an entire family vacation or at the very least one or two excursions along the way, however in either case, you will have a pleasant break prior to being required to stress about unpacking and settling into your new home and city.

Think Ahead & Have a Contingency Plan

Summertime is peak moving season, particularly for long-distance moves, therefore do not delay in getting in touch with a professional mover in Houston. The further out you schedule, the more likely you will be to obtain the dates that you might want. And understand that a last-minute change on your side, like a change in the closing date on your new house, could result in a big delay, as the moving company in Houston will need to reorganize their whole schedule to fit your new dates. Therefore, you may end up being forced to wait for a truck and driver to be available.

Having a contingency plan is advisable. Moving during peak season suggests that just about all trucks are frequently at capacity. Whilst moving companies do everything that they can to ensure that dates are fulfilled, occasionally setbacks can happen. Be certain that items that you can’t do without, for example medications and your different chargers, are with you and not loaded away in the moving van. Possibly bring one or two extra sets of clothes with you, just in case, and be ready to go out to a dollar store and purchase a few cheap plates and utensils, when necessary.

Sure, It’s Sizzling

Moving in the summer is bound to be hot. Be sure that the items that you will be sending on the moving truck can withstand the heat for the amount of time that it will take to get the things from the old house to your new residence. Anything that may melt, including candles or records, should travel in your air-conditioned vehicle. Furthermore, it’s a bad idea to send anything that is damp in the moving van. These things could mold and create a health hazard.

Last but not least, it’s important to care for yourself and your family when moving in the summer months. Remain hydrated by taking regular water breaks and also put on sun block or even avoid the direct sun light wherever possible. The last thing that you want is to have to take a visit to the local ER because you got too hot while moving your things while in the hot sun.

But, fear not, despite the fact that a summer time move can be challenging, you will ultimately get everything unpacked in your new house. Take time to relish a few summer adventures and explore your new town and before you know it, fall is going to be settling in.

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