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December 28, 2022

Moving Day Will Be Here Soon!

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Planning for a moveWhat’s the saying about time flying when you are having fun? Well, we are not sure if moving usually counts as “fun”, but the time prior to moving day certainly does seem to go by speedily. So, moving day is just a week away and you still have lots to do. Hopefully, you have been getting ready for moving day for the last several months and just require a couple tips concerning what you need to be getting done the last week ahead of your move. If so, keep reading …

1) Unplug

Right now is the time to consider each of the appliances which will be moving along with you. Your fridge and also freezer shall need ample time to allow to defrost before your move, so you might want to go ahead and clean them out as well as unplug them. Some washers and dryers might merely be unplugged and then transported, whereas others might need a professional to disconnect the gas line and also other preparations to transport. Discuss with your moving company in Houston about the best way to move these items. Additionally, consider how you will be packing your TV and other electronics and plan accordingly.

2) Finish Packing

If your professional movers in Houston shall be packing for you, feel free to skip this suggestion, however if you are packing by yourself, go on reading. Currently, you might have packed up all your non-essential belongings. Now is the time to get moving on a lot of the indispensable belongings. Be certain to rummage through every closet and cabinet to be sure that you aren’t forgetting anything. Presently is also the time to verify the attic, basement, garage as well as shed. The power tools ought to be drained of gas, as your moving company in Houston likely cannot put them on the truck otherwise.

3) Compile an Essentials Box

Post a long day or perhaps couple of days of moving, the last thing you would want to do is dig through boxes to locate items that are required for your first night in your new residence. Compile a basics box that incorporates things like toiletries, clean sheets, bathroom towels, kitchen essentials, toilet paper, basic cleaning supplies, etc.

You should additionally pack a different box or bag which includes things which you could use directly up until moving day. This box or bag may hold things such as medicines, change of clothes, snacks for the trip, and so on.

4) Get in Touch with Your Utility Providers

Now would be a good time to call your utility providers to alert them of your future move. If you are moving close by, you may be able to merely switch your service from your old house to your new home. Nonetheless, should your move be over a long distance, you should find out from your providers what you need to do to cancel the service. You don’t want to be charged for utility usage at your previous house once you are no longer living there.

5) Verify with Your Movers

You should have previously selected a moving company in Houston and scheduled moving day, but now is a perfect time to get in touch with your mover and establish if everything is ready on their end. Check to see if they require any new or further specifics from you, and also you can ask them all final questions which are on your brain. Should anything have changed on the belongings which you are planning to move, now will be a teriffic time to inform your moving company in Houston about those belongings. The last thing anyone wants is surprises on moving day!

Should you have any questions on the tasks you should or shouldn’t be doing prior to moving day, A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Houston is happy to assist. Give us a call today!!


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