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March 17, 2020

4 Cost-Saving Tips for Moving to Houston

getting ready to moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Whether you are doing it on your own or employing a professional moving company in Houston, moving isn't just difficult, but expensive. Likelihood is preserving a bit of funds wherever you can, is more than advantageous. Here are some tips that will help lower your costs while moving to Houston.

Decrease Your Possessions

A popular trend currently is minimalism: An intentional lifestyle that reduces the number of "things" in our lives. In terms of moving, shouldn't you help make your fresh start, even more tidy by de-cluttering and downsizing the quantity of stuff you are moving?

Some commonplace types of things that you may consider getting rid of consist of:

· Gently used apparel

· Expired products (for example makeup, foods, etc.)

· Old electronic products

· Used furniture

· Containers and bottles

· Receipts

· Magazines/Papers/Books

· Destroyed playthings, tools, or any other worn out things around the house

· Stashed away knick knacks

· Non-functioning home appliances

Naturally, the idea of just discarding a few of these things could boost your blood pressure however you will not necessarily have to toss them. It is possible to donate electronics to schools as well as other nonprofit groups. Books can be passed to colleges, your local library, or schools. And because a good number of Americans possess far too many clothes, probabilities are you are not going to feel bad about giving some of the only-worn-once items of clothing to a nearby charity or consignment retailer.

On the other hand, if you have a few pieces of value, it is possible to balance out a part of your moving expenditures through having a garage/yard sale. Not only will this reduce the items you'll need to move, however you'll feel better recognizing you're truly beginning fresh within your new location.

Drive Your Own Car

Having a moving company in Houston move your automobile can be an unneeded expense for you. If you choose, alternatively, to drive your own automobile, it comes with some perks. Firstly, you can bring a load of a number of your more treasured items that are probably not ideal for a moving truck including house plants and also other personal items. Next, driving to your new place permits you to observe the surroundings and get to know the region you're relocating to.

Needless to say, driving your personal car most likely is not the most viable alternative in every scenario (including if there's more than one vehicle, for instance) in which case, you'll want to choose a moving company who is experienced with these sorts of moves.

Pack a Few Things Yourself

Contingent on whether you are carrying out a local or long-distance move and how much stuff you have, the expense of packing will vary. You can significantly lower the price of your relocation by packing several of your possessions by yourself.

We suggest having a first-day box filled with necessities you will need for the new house, the very first day you get there. This is certainly one thing you should pack for yourself because you know best, exactly what you will most need that first night in your new residence.

Other items you can consider packing include:

· Bath towels/Bed linens

· Pillows

· Books

· Dishes

· Clothing

· Toiletries

· Cleaning products

· Pet supplies

· Toys

· Knick-Knacks

When packing your personal items, make sure to have good quality containers, strong tape, and a marker to jot down the items in the cartons to ensure you understand which room they should be in. Most moving companies in Houston provide several levels of packing service, so be sure and discuss with your mover to determine which level will best fit your needs and also your funds.

Mind the Time

Did you know professional movers commonly charge different rates depending on the time of the year? It’s true, during their busy period, May through August, a peak season upcharge is applied. Obviously, the time of the year you move, might not be anything you can choose for numerous points but if you're able, look at a move throughout the slower seasons - from September through April - while demand is normally lowest.

Moving can be an exhilarating time and saving money on the expenses is simply one approach to allow it to be even better. If you want to find out more concerning A-1 Freeman's moving services in Houston, reach out to us now for more information about how we can help you get to wherever you're going.


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The Mickelson Family
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