Tips for Saving Money When Moving to Houston

Packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Whether you're doing it yourself or working with a professional moving company in Houston, moving isn't just difficult, but expensive. Chances are saving a little bit of money when you can, is more than helpful. Here are a few suggestions which will help reduce your expenses while moving to Houston.

Decrease Your Possessions

A frequent trend now is minimalism: An intentional lifestyle that reduces the amount of "objects" in our lives. With regards to moving, why not help make your new beginning, even tidier by de-cluttering and downsizing the number of stuff you are moving?

Some frequent examples of things which you might think about ridding yourself of consist of:

  • Gently used apparel
  • Expired products (such as cosmetics, foods, and so on.)
  • Old electronics
  • Broken home furniture
  • [Jars|Containers]69] and glass bottles
  • Receipts
  • Magazines/Papers/Books
  • Destroyed playthings, tools, or other broken things around the house
  • Put away knick knacks
  • Non-functioning home appliances

Naturally, the concept of just trashing some of these items might increase your blood pressure however you don't automatically have to toss them. You could offer electronics to schools or other charity organizations. Books may be donated to colleges, libraries, or schools. And since a good number of us possess way too many clothes, chances are you won't feel bad about donating a few of the only-worn-once items of clothing to a close by charitable organization or consignment retailer.

Additionally, if you have a number of pieces of value, you'll be able to counterbalance a part of your moving expenses through having a garage/yard sale. This will not only reduce the things you will have to move, however you'll feel better realizing you will be truly beginning fresh in your new place.

Drive Your Own Vehicle

Having a moving company in Houston transport your vehicle may well be an avoidable cost for you. If you choose, instead, to drive your own automobile, it provides you with several benefits. For starters, you are able to carry a load of some of your more cherished items that may not be suitable for a moving truck including house plants and also other personal possessions. Second of all, driving to your new home allows you to observe the surroundings and get to know the vicinity you are relocating to.

Needless to say, driving your individual automobile may not be the most feasible option in every single instance (including should there be more than a single car, for example) whereby, you'll want to choose a moving company who is experienced with these kinds of moves.

Load up a Few Things Yourself

Dependant upon if you are carrying out a local or long-distance move and the amount of stuff you have, the expense of packing varies. It is possible to significantly lower the expense of your move with packing some of your things on your own.

We advise creating a first-day box loaded with essentials you should have for the new home, the first day you get there. This is a thing you ought to pack for yourself because you know best, exactly what you will most need that initial night in your new residence.

Other things you can think about packing include:

  • Bathroom towels/Bed sheets
  • Pillows
  • Books
  • Cookware
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys
  • Knick-Knacks

If packing your own items, be sure to have good quality containers, strong tape, and a marker to jot down the items in the boxes to make sure you know which room in your home they should be in. Most moving companies in Houston feature several levels of packing service, so be certain and converse with your professional mover to determine which level will best meet your needs and also your funds.

Mind the Time

Are you aware that professional movers typically charge different fees based on the time of year? It is true, throughout their busy time of year, May through August, a peak season upcharge is added. Naturally, the time of the year you move, isn't always something you can choose for a variety of reasons but if you can, consider a move throughout the slower seasons - from September through April - when demand is usually least.

Moving can be an exceptional time and lowering costs on the expenses is just one strategy to make it better still. If you'd like to find out more concerning A-1 Freeman Moving Group’s moving services in Houston, reach out to us today to find out more about how we can assist you in getting to wherever you're heading.


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