The Top Museums and Attractions to Visit in Houston

Did you just recently moved to Houston? Is your information of the city fairly narrow? Well, don’t worry about that anymore! Houston, TX has a lot of museums and other destinations where you can delve deep into our history, culture, and a whole bunch of other fun details that helped make our city a great place to live. Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we’ve been helping people move to and within Houston for a good amount of years, and this has allowed us to become incredibly familiar with some of the coolest and most interesting exhibits.

After you get yourself acquainted with your new day-to-day, you have to take some time to check out the following museums and exhibits:

  • Houston Museum of Natural History – If you or your family enjoys dinosaurs, wildlife, space, and other natural things, there’s no better place to go than the Houston Museum of Natural History. You can get a good look at gems stones, mummys, the Texas wildlife, and that’s not even including the travelling exhibits. You should definitely set aside an afternoon and have a look around.
  • Space Center Houston – You’ll have no problem at all when you visit the Space Center here in Houston. You’ll be able to check out shuttles, go on a tram tour, check out the Apollo 18, and look at the space command center. It’s perfect for young kids who are fascinated with the sky above.
  • Houston Fire Museum – Do you have a young one that loves fire engines and fire fighters? This is the perfect place to bring them to. You’ll find some older-style engines to check out, there’s a fire pole to play on, different suits from over the years, and a whole lot more just waiting for you.

After taking a few hours touring these places, you’ll have a much better affection for Houston. You’ll be quite a bit more acclimated to the city, and you’ll have a better connection to the rich history that has created our wonderful home.

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