The Anatomy of a Long Distance Moving Quote

Long Distance Moving Company - Moving QuotePreparing for a long-distance move to Houston? If so, then of course you want to double-check that you are getting the best rate from your residential long-distance moving company. One of the best ways to get the best value on long distance movers is to get quotes from multiple companies. When reviewing the estimates you get from various professional movers, however, there are several vital items you'll want to watch out.

1. Estimate Type

Long Distance Moving quotes mostly fall into one of these types:

  • non-binding - the final amount you're charged is based on the actuals (amount of time or distance/totoal weight of the shipment, depending on how the professional mover bills) required for your move, which may be more or less than your original quoted amount may have been.
  • not-to-exceed - your total charges are guaranteed to be equal to or less than the rate quoted.
  • binding - the price you're quoted is the amount you'll pay for your move no matter what.

When gathering estimates, make sure to find out precisely which kind of estimate each company is providing.

2. Valuation

A lot of professional movers will include a standard amount of insurance coverage to protect you from financial loss if any of your things are lost or damaged during transport. The standard rate of coverage is about $0.60 per pound, though this can differ from one company to the next, so make sure to verify.

You might also be provided the option to buy additional coverage, which may be suggested if you have valuable stuff being moved. It is a common misconception that customers automatically have full coverage when they employ a professional mover, so make sure and examine coverage before selecting a mover.

3. Packing

As part of your long-distance moving quote, packing services may also be included upon your request. If you're interested in receiving assistance with your packing, some moving companies can provide both partial packing and full packing services. With partial packing, you'll get professional help with specific things that you have designated beforehand. Full packing assistance, alternately, will encompass full assistance with all of your packing and most likely even includes supplies (however this can vary). Be sure to check each company's pack count and confirm the service you are expecting is being quoted for your long-distance move.

4. 3rd Party Services

Be sure to look for exclusions in your moving estimate. For instance, if one company quotes appliance relocation service and another company does not, you wrongly believe that the second company is providing the best value or lowest quoted price. In reality, you could be in for bad news when the company shows up and informs you appliance service is an additional charge.

While some movers may offer more third-party services than others, it's vital to verify with each company and get in writing exactly what is included versus what will be an additional cost.

5. Weight

Lastly, it is important to comprehend what the estimated weight is and how accurate it is. If there is a vast difference (greater than 10%) between the estimated weight and actual weight of the shipment, it is possible that the mover mis-quoted or mis-calculated the weight. Make sure you have a good understanding of who will be responsible for the weight difference, should one occur.

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