Social Media and Moving to Houston

Social Media and MovingIn the past before the internet, you were (metaphorically) lost when moving in another town. You could potentially write or get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce for guidance, or hunt through your alumni magazine to find a few connections there, but typically you discovered the most suitable family doctor, fitness center, and dry cleaners through trial and error and possibly a few wrinkled shirts.

As a result of social media tools like Facebook, Nextdoor, and Pinterest, you can get the lay of the new land straight from your couch even before you commence to think of scheduling your long-distance household move. Facebook offers the most detailed number of groups and pages, but Instagram will point you down a more unique and trendy route for all kinds of things from contractors and interior decorators to cafes, retailers, and watering holes. Keep reading to get a high-level overview of each social platform and the way they could assist when moving to Houston.


Facebook is the Sears Holiday catalog for today's generation--it's got something for everybody, but for newbies who may have recently moved to town it can be a bonanza of knowledge, which includes real-time and real-life feedback. The appropriate groups and pages names can be different throughout the country however seek out these types of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started to be a marketplace alternative to websites like Craigslist in 2015 but has morphed to the go-to gurus--part dance school referrals, a part flea market, a portion therapy session--this group has affiliates nationwide. It's a closed group, therefore you require an invite, or ask to participate and the local page admin approves you following a speedy--usually algorithmic--peek at your own page, to make sure you are a real person. There are many other local moms' Facebook communities, as well, that you are bound to come across with just a quick search.

· Local City/Town Page

Virtually every hamlet and crossroads these days possesses a Facebook presence--it's usually operated by the economic development or parks and recreation office. It's a open public page and covers anything from the fire department's managed burns to free dip day at a nearby ice cream parlor. Community pages generally link to the city's website, which has more thorough details on community events.


Nextdoor is an app for your smartphone that takes the local social media goings-on to a really neighborhood degree--building, street, addition, or maybe village. You will need to validate you live the spot where you say you do in order to enroll--they commonly deliver a code to your address--therefore a given group's membership will be tightly regulated. You'll swiftly find out more than you may wish to know regarding all of your new neighbors, and without a doubt, who is not picking up their pup's poop has been known to be a trending area of interest.


On the face of it, Pinterest might appear to be the exception here--it is just photos of food and people's residences. If you're into design and you have moved to Houston, for example, search for "architectural columns Houston" and you will find historic residences, area architects, along with everything else vaguely related to that search. The same thing goes for eateries, retailers, spas, as well as other sellers--establishments fundamentally advertise on the site, however it opens more than the conventional mall-and-chain store shopping expertise for newcomers.


Indeed, that identical LinkedIn that quite possibly got you the new job in the new town is really a terrific site for finding volunteer options--the area of the site is LinkedIn For Good and can connect you with the charities around town. Nothing compares to working with a cause you genuinely believe in to enable you to feel like a part of your new area.

The fantastic thing about employing social media to get acclimated soon after moving to Houston is that you are able to do it whenever you want from your bubble bath, as opposed to phoning over business hours and hoping for the best.


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