Moving Out: Tips to Get Back Your Entire Security Deposit

Moving OutBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving out of a rental is one of those situations that almost everybody is no stranger to. Many of us, whenever moving out of a rental property or apartment, are banking on the security deposit to help manage the expense of the move. That is a month if not more of rent that might be utilized as a down payment for your new home, to replenish your drained savings, or to purchase home furnishings as well as supplies you will need after moving. So to get that deposit returned, you need your property owner to have no reasons to make deductions.

Currently, that is exactly what we are here to talk about. If you want to ensure you get 100% of your security deposit back when you move in Houston this time, here is the regimen which is effective for every single experienced renter.

Clear Areas When Packing

It's a popular misconception that you may only start repairing an apartment when all the belongings is moved out. But this is how you wind up working yourself to the deadline devoid of time to thoroughly clean or accomplish repairs. You should get rolling as soon as you start packing.

Start with low-priority rooms and areas like the extra bedroom or maybe your closet. While you pack, completely clear each area, putting all of the boxes in the corner or a area of the family room. The more you pack, the more of your house is generally empty and therefore simple to look over. This is the best way to be sure you detect any problems whilst you still have time to fix them.

Check Everywhere for Signs of Damage

Do not ever assume that while you haven't noticed any harm to the house or dwelling that your property owner is not going to locate any. There are a variety of minimal problems that your eyes simply don't focus on that your property manager could focus on like a bloodhound. Marks on your wall, stains on the flooring, nail holes, along with wobbly fixtures all can possibly become deductions on your security deposit should your landlord finds and hires someone to repair them.

However, not if you find them to begin with. Get on your inspector cap and go over the residence with a fine-tooth comb. Examine each and every wall for problems, every baseboard, every single door in addition to cabinet. It will be alright to depart the house better than it was when you moved into it to be certain there is nothing which will ding your security deposit as you move out.

Make a list of the stuff you locate as well as the supplies you will need to perform fixes.

Fill Nail Holes and Minor Repairs

Now, carry out the repairs. Don't just observe that they need carrying out. Nail holes will be a concern for a few property managers and in case you hung anything up from paintings to blinds, you should fill them back in. Some putty or spackle will do the job and if your walls are white-colored, you may not even have to have a paint touch-up.

Take care of additional small repairs too. The good news is that you may buy inexpensive repair kits for nearly anything online. From scrapes in a wood floors to broken cabinet doors. Oh, and think about getting a steam cleaner for the day to clean up the flooring. If there is any blotches which are specifically uncooperative, try a baking soda solution and using a nail brush in circles over the mark or sticky space.

Move Furniture utilizing Foot Pads and Blankets

When moving your furniture out, the very last thing you wish to do is leave behind any extra dings. Moving sizeable home furnishings might be tricky and there's always a chance of scuffing a wall or door frame while trying to get through. And, if you can't totally lift the furniture, you should keep floor surfaces protected from scrapes and scratches.

Luckily, this solution is straightforward: Blankets and foot padding. Pertaining to furniture that you intend to slide a part of the way, make certain there are felt foot pads attached on or, in a crunch, washrags anchored with rubber bands around the feet. As for corners along with doors, all you have to do is wrap the edges of your furniture pieces in towels or blankets to avoid a scrape.

Never Leave Things Behind in Houston

Deserted belongings are one of the most general causes of security deposit conflicts. Do not leave a heap of junk that failed to fit into your car. In case you do, your landlord is A) responsible to verify and see if you want it and B) is stuck with the expenses for cleaning it out.

Although they may possibly pitch or donate the stuff, chances are that your property manager will pay a junk company to come collect it and then bill the fee to your security deposit. To avoid this, spend some time to clean positively all of your personal items out of the home prior to departure.

Take Photos of Everything

Moving tip take picturesThe majority of property owners are great private property owners merely turning their investments into a nice type of profit. However a few really are looking for any way to pull extra money from tenants.

In such infrequent situations, property managers have actually been recognized to state damages that were not present and even create and take pictures of the damage themselves after a renter departs. All just to take some or their whole security deposit. Consequently, such as a renting professional, the best choice is to snap photos of your own prior to when you hand over the keys.

Therefore, on your final day after the property is fully vacant, take a total photo-snapping excursion of the house. Incorporating both sides of every last door as well as the insides of closets and cabinets. Be positive that the property was in close to perfect order when you left in the event that any kind of issues surface later concerning 'damage' you didn't cause.

Hand Over the Key Correctly

A number of landlords are particularly fussy concerning giving over the property keys, and some might not be. Especially if you unintentionally take a key away with you when you go.

Property managers who are picky regarding keys might also be prone to charge you for a new key or even for the cost of changing the locks. This is a silly basis to lose some of your security deposit, consequently ensure you hand the key back the way the owner wants.

Provide a Forwarding Address

Finally, make certain you supply your landlord a forwarding address. This is usually the official method they will get in touch with you to mail the security deposit as well as their list of issues if they actually do somehow find a problem with the residence or apartment you just moved out of.

Consequently always, always, always give your landlord a forwarding address to help you get your deposit and take care of all documents in the event they try to pull a stunt to keep some of your money.


Almost all property owners are totally decent, good individuals who want to give your security deposit back in full. Making use of these approaches, you will be able to move out of your rental leaving it in near-perfect condition, and you'll notice that deposit comfortably back in your account right away. Not to mention, if your landlord does consider a few shenanigans, then you already know that the dwelling was in remarkable condition and can challenge easily with photos to demonstrate it.

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