How to Unpack Your Home After Your Move

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving - Unpacking Boxes

We've all heard about the most efficient methods to pack up a home, but what about after you get to your new place? As with anything in life, unpacking from a move to Houston does have some approaches that work better than others. You can certainly simplify your unpacking piece of the moving process with a little organization upfront.

Unpacking mindfully can help you cut through lots of the disarray and disjointedness that might occur after you arrive at your new residence. If you cannot find belongings that you are needing, it makes it pretty tough to feel like you are back to normal.

Part of a seamless unpacking process involves preparation for it as you are packing. A couple tasks to remember as you pack include the following:

  • Label boxes. This is super simple advice, but you will never be more glad about heeding this advice as when you're running around your new residence searching for the carton with the spoons in it. Is it labeled? Excellent!
  • Pack an overnight bag. A small satchel or bag can carry your dental floss, a clean outfit, and other things that you know you'll definitely need fairly soon in the new home.
  • Donate items you do not use. The fewer belongings you move, the faster it will be to unpack. There are a few things that you will not want to donate to charity, but if there are things that you do not want, consider giving them to someone who can use them.

Moving - Unpacking BoxesOnce the moving company has unloaded the boxes at your new digs, how you unpack can also mitigate confusion. Here are several of our preferred tips:

  • Put together your bed first. There's nothing better after a long day of moving and unpacking than to sink into a comfortable bed. If you set up your bed and put on sheets first, you will be thankful later. This goes for each member of the household. If you hired professional movers, they should do this task for you.
  • Begin with the necessities. Things like a coffee maker, plates and cups and silverware, and your computer station are some of the first things you will need as you begin life in your new house. Before diving into the nuts and bolts, contemplate what you want to have in place today and tomorrow. Start there.
  • Box your boxes. Many times, rooms become messy with empty boxes and bubble wrap halfway through the unpacking process. You can't see what you have left if it's hindered with discarded packing supplies. Keep one box complete and fill it with other empty cartons that you've broken down. That way, you can observe how much you still have to unpack. Your box of boxes can be trashed or, preferably, recycled.
  • Group your shopping trips. No matter how well you've planned, you will most likely need to go to the store to get a new trash can, curtain rods, light bulbs, or other new things. In lieu of making a run every time you need something, start a running list of required supplies so that you can group everything in one trip. You'll save time and money, not to mention cut down on your anxiety.
  • Do not settle on furniture set up too soon. Too many people get locked into room layouts the day they move into a new place. Give yourself some elbow room—not everything must be unchangeable immediately. Old sofa that you liked at your old place may look awkward in your new abode. That is alright. Grant yourself some time to settle in and you will know whether you can make it work. This can also be applied to pictures on the walls. It's your home! There's no need to rush.
  • Determine Which Areas Are Most Vital. The most common mistake that is made during the unpacking process is a refusal to perform the chore a little at a time. Instead, we try to unpack the complete house at once. Once all of your belongings have arrived at the residence, take the time to figure out which areas are most important. The rooms that you are going to be spending the most time in are the rooms that should be given priority.
  • Set Feasible Goals. In most instances, you aren’t going to be able to handle all of the unpacking in one attempt. Do not push yourself too hard on the first day or two. There is going to be lots to do and none of the jobs are going anywhere. Create feasible goals and stick with them. Pick the room that needs to be focused on first and finish it before moving onto the next chore.
  • Establish a Reward for Achieving the Deadline. For those who are moving with an entire family, it can be a challenge to have everyone working together. Each family member will have their own agendas and getting everyone on the same page can be quite exhausting. Establishing a reward for meeting a predetermined deadline is a great way around this fiasco. By selecting an incentive, you are doing your part to keep the members of the family on task. No one will want to be lax. Setting a deadline will also keep you from the annoyances of having to deal with numerous belongings that haven’t been put away yet after you have already moved to Houston and gotten somewhat settled.

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