How to Move Out Your Ex Like A Pro

MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

As professional movers in Houston, we have made it simpler for people to move for a wide range of assorted reasons. At times, the reason is a happy one, and in some cases, it's because of a tough circumstance like a separation, death or break-up. We absolutely are not here to pass judgement, but rather to offer a few recommendations we've compiled through the years of assisting individuals to move following a break-up.

Moving in together is often a trial; an assessment of whether you and your significant other can tolerate each other once you are in close proximity on daily basis. Many couples pass with ease, and some... well, some do not. If you are in that second category, and you must ensure that your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend gets out and stays out, then it's important to be sure you do not overlook a trick in terms of the moving out process in Houston.

If you wish to be certain they cannot play the, "Well, I was in your neighborhood, and remembered I still had certain stuff to get," card, then you should adhere to these tips.

Tip #1: Get Organized

If you live with someone, your stuff tends to mix. However, if you've split up, it should be the perfect time to re-draw those lines making it obvious whose belongings are whose. So, go room by room, and put all your ex's belongings to the side. It is probably going to be tougher than it sounds, both as a result of memories attached to the items, and because you'll be continually preparing a listing of stuff you now have to replace. But you need to do it swiftly, and efficiently. Tear the band-aid off quickly, and the sting is going to fade quicker.

Tip #2: Get It Out of Your Residence

Once you have all of your ex's things in one place, you should not just place it in a closet, or let it stay in a spare room. You need it away from your place, to help you to breathe for a bit and also distance yourself from the memories.

throw it out the window or dump it on the curb (satisfying as that could be, depending on your circumstances). However, find their items a place other than your home. Put it with one of your ex's friends or take it to their mother's house. In the event that everything else fails, hire a professional mover in Houston and obtain a storage unit. Give your ex the key to the unit so that they can go get it when they're ready for it. Try not to allow it to needlessly stay in your home; the last thing you will want when attempting to pick up and move on is an elephant sitting in the room.

Tip #3: Find Them A New Home

One more thing your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend may drag their feet on is finding someplace to live, since you have separated. And sure, choosing a house isn't a fun task, especially when you will be doing it by yourself. Which is the reason, even if you have loads of other stuff to complete, you must help obtain a place for them to move.

Whether it means locating a different apartment that is available and in their budget range (on the other side of the town) or chatting with your acquaintances to see who wants an extra roomie, ensure you don't allow the grass grow under your ex's feet. You want them out the door with their stuff, and when they have someplace to go, they cannot play the guilt trip that you're just throwing them out onto the street.

Tip #4: You Should Never Backslide

Separating is tough, there is no two ways about that. However when you have to do something, it is important to take tangible steps toward the end each day. If you do not have enough time, or the stamina, to pack up everything one day, then pack just one area a day or perhaps call a moving company in Houston that can help with the packing and moving. If you can't drive all over town looking into apartment costs, don't worry, you've got the power of the smartphone as well as the Internet. Write several emails or perhaps make a few calls.

The main thing is that you are moving forward, and not just staying where you are... or worse, hoping for everything to just fix itself.


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