4 Practical Options for Seniors Considering Downsizing in Houston

Moving SeniorsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Updated and republished from 3/21/2019 
When you're raising children, wrangling adolescents, and hosting the revolving door of young adults, it makes sense to maintain a family-sized home. There have been many times in your lifetime that additional rooms and large living areas were exactly what you needed. But in retirement age, your requirement for room tends to decrease. Many retirees find that, with time, retaining a family-sized house gets to be too much effort or financial strain.

Downsizing is a natural option, yet there are many more alternatives than you might realize. You can downsize to a comfy, modest apartment, a smaller two-bedroom home with a flower garden, a retirement living neighborhood or assisted living community, or even downsize at your home. As a professional moving company in Houston, we've helped seniors with lots of customized moves, and now we're here to share with you a handful of the most sensible and worthwhile alternatives for all golden-agers considering a move in the near future.

Smaller Residence within a Family Neighborhood

Lots of golden-agers get the false impression that downsizing calls for you to relocate to a little apartment somewhere. And possibly, you are putting it off simply because you realize you'll miss having a vegetable garden, living in a friendly tree-shaded neighborhood, and the sound of kids coming and going from school every day. Luckily, you do not have to leave all that behind when you move to a smaller sized abode. Why not try to find an economical small dwelling in Houston or a surrounding suburb instead?

Two-bedroom dwellings are usually too small for families with growing kids, but moving to a small house in a family neighborhood might be the perfect destination for you to be considered a neighborhood's honorary grandparent. Two bedrooms is just enough space that you can keep up using nominal effort and still have a guest room for whenever your adult children stop by. And you'll delight in your retirement years together with the friendly family-style setting that you have always treasured.

Join a Senior Living Community in Houston

Of course, a few seniors simply cannot wait to transform their daily routines completely in retirement. After years of being a dependable professional, cautious parent or guardian, not to mention well-behaved grandparent, it is at long last time for that tremendous break you have been saving for over many decades. For golden-agers looking forward to spas, dancing parties, and being in the middle of other fun-loving retirees, the ideal downsizing strategy for you might be a senior citizen living community.

Quite the opposite of a "nursing home", senior living communities are much more like moving into a resort. You can select between a high-tech condo or possibly a secluded two-bedroom abode surrounded by other seniors who are also there to interact and have a great time. Olympic pools, restaurants, as well as meal delivery, plus a full event calendar are only a couple of the points of interest you will discover if you choose to go the resort-retirement direction in a senior citizen living community.

If you are looking for facilities, resources and support in the Houston area, check out the following: 

Lease a Cozy Apartment with Senior Amenities

Quite possibly the most preferred selection for downsizing golden-agers is to discover a cozy smaller apartment which is not difficult to keep clean and up to your personal specifications even as you slowdown in the future. Contemporary apartments in Houston can be wonders of convenience for a tech-savvy senior citizen. Particularly if you choose a deluxe apartment building having amenities that work effectively with your plans for your retirement.

Seek out apartment communities that come with conveniences and also assistance that you may find beneficial, for instance laundry pickup and delivery, dog walking, or maybe a pool where you can take part in low-impact workouts close to home. When there is an elevator, it's also possible to acquire an upper-story flat with a stunning inviting view and a little balcony where plants will blissfully grow.

Downsize in Your Own Home

Lastly, did you know that you can even downsize whilst living at your residence in Houston? Regardless of whether you still live in the place where you raised your children or finally bought your ultimate house after they were grown, from time to time senior citizens merely aren't able to bear the idea of leaving their beloved full-sized residence. And even if your financial situation or energy to clean affirms "Downsize", there's no need to leave if you don't want to!

Instead, you may choose to downsize in the house itself, claiming a suite for yourself and your belongings whilst opening the remainder of the house for other inhabitants who'll give assistance with the upkeep. Should you have an adult child with a family of their own, they may really like the thought of raising their children in the home they grew up in and would be content to move in as the primary residents while you downsize into the master or mother-in-law suite.

Or perhaps, if your entire family is blissfully settled in their own homes, you could take in renters. Many senior citizens have discovered joy opening a boarding house for students, a Bed & Breakfast, or possibly hosting a new family who are happy to share the residence with a new honorary grandparent.  (A quick word of caution....always remember to practice "Safety First" when inviting others into your home.)


What are your downsizing plans? As you can clearly see, there are way more solutions than you might suppose. From moving to a senior-living resort to downsizing in your own home, the choices are limitless. All you have to do is make your decision and we can make it happen. Our professional movers in Houston are ready to help with whatever downsizing approach you decide on. Regardless of whether your approach is so individually imaginative that we have never come across it before!


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