Professional Packing Services--Lavishness or Necessity?

Packing for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Several months in front of your move to Houston, you might be thinking "undoubtedly, I can handle the packing myself". Three weeks before the trucks arrive in the driveway, your thinking has changed--"there aren't adequate hours left for me to complete this packing". There is an simple way to steer clear of the no-time-to-pack dilemma--include packing services along with your household move to Houston.

You'll discover any number of aspects which go into your determination to pack your items yourself or allow your professional moving company to do it; many people think that they'll get it done on their own and preserve a substantial amount of money. This is correct from a strictly financial point of view, and if your move is minimal in scale--from a condo or apartment to a new in-town location, if you're single or even a small family, if one of you might essentially commit your existence to packing for the next 6 weeks. If not, the true cost of getting a professional packing crew is definitely balanced out by your enhanced well-being.

Prior to going to raid your local big box retail store for packing containers as well as tape, consider these realities around your move.

You Are Really, Really Busy

In real life, your life doesn't quit allowing you to cope with your move to Houston. You have still got a job, household commitments, and the unending details connected with paperwork associated with your move--and there just is not sufficient time to pack your boxes. Moving is psychologically depleting in the best of circumstances--when you're cleaning out drawers and closets you are in addition sorting through reminiscences. Many a house packer has found herself on the floor a long time later, in the middle of elementary school artwork projects, with nary a ceramic vase wrapped and boxed. Should you employ a professional moving company in Houston to pack your things, they are far more proficient--devoid of any heartstrings to pull, matters go a lot faster.

Organization Is Not Your Forte

Packing for a move is comparable to painting--it's the preparation work that kills you. Readying for a move means staying super-organized--you'll want to know everything in your house, where it is supposed to be, and which box it is inside. Professional movers with packing services take care of these details for you. Inventories are recorded, cartons are labeled, and your things are packed so that unpacking them makes sense. When your moving company performs your packing, they are your partner in the move--you will be able to talk about the design of the new home and pack to accommodate adjustments, so that unpacking and settling in is easier.

Shopping bags are lovely, however they are not realistic for setting in a moving vehicle. Packers don't get bored and toss stuff in bags just like you will--and you and your possessions is going to be happier in the end by using appropriate packing.

You've Got A Lot of Stuff

A lot of moving companies will tell you that any house having three bedrooms or more requirements professional packing. Once you begin cleaning out closets and cabinets you're going to be astonished at how much stuff is stuffed in your house, and it's most likely to need a lot more time than you thought to wrap as well as pack boxes to make certain that breakables do not break, packing containers are not too weighty, and everything is marked and tidy.

You will be Moving Long Distance

Any long distance move to Houston almost demands professional packing. Your vulnerable and breakable items, electronics, and also collectibles will need additional care when they're being transported. A qualified staff knows how to wrap the crystal, china, mirrors, art, light fixtures, as well as other sensitive things exactly right--some may require newsprint, others bubble wrap, and others may need a custom crate with extra padding to make the transit in one piece. If you're moving locally you can place your paintings and wall mirrors in the trunk of your automobile and pad them with beach towels; when you are moving three hundred miles away, you will need suitable crating or boxing.

The takeaway is that you should weigh your state of health preceding your move versus the actual price of a professional mover that will help you pack. In the long run, this can be a fairly minimal price to pay so that you can not only enjoy your last few weeks with old friends and co-workers, but that you start your new life stress free as well as relaxed.


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