Autumn Maintenance Endeavors for New Homeowners in Houston

New Homeowners - MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Congratulations--you're a new homeowner!

Now that the movers have gone, and you're officially a homeowner, instead of calling your landlord when the air conditioner goes on the fritz, or perhaps the roof drips, guess who has to fix it? That is correct--you do. Likelihood is very good that small fact got brushed aside in all your joy about moving to Houston along with new items (that hopefully involved a leaf blower), but now that autumn is unquestionably around the corner, it is time to prepare your new home ready for cooler weather. There isn't any reason to worry, merely stick to these practical hacks and you'll be prepared for chestnuts roasting on an open fire in no time.


To the extent that you enjoy having air conditioning in the summertime, in the event it breaks down for several days you can carry on. If your furnace has a winter break, especially if it's in the midst of a "weather event", your actual survival might be on the line.

Inspecting your furnace is at the top of the to-do list. If you're a intelligent home buyer, and you are, then you certainly had the Heating and air conditioning inspected before you closed on the house. You ought to have confidence that the insides are in decent working order, nevertheless you should do these relatively easy duties at least every year. 

  • Replace filters--you ought to change your filters every three months, unless you have a permanent one. If so, dismantle it and clean it on the same timetable.
  • Check that the vents are open and take away any debris from the unit--a leaf blower does a pretty good job.
  • Switch to smart thermostat--they save lots of power because they're set up to automatically reset throughout the day. 


Safety first--before you get on the roof in Houston, ensure you have the appropriate ladder and a assistant to hold the ladder as well as catch you should you stumble--or at least phone Emergency services. If not, use a roofer to come clear the debris and clean the gutters.

For everybody who is confident you can get up there and return without any problems, here is what you do. 

  • Clear away any tree branches or any other rubble that might be up there.
  • Clean up the gutters. Plugged gutters lead to more roof damage as opposed to the snow, wind, and rain--if the water cannot run cleanly through, pooling water causes leaks. Pooling water which freezes seeps into roof shingles and will allow your roof to leak faster. The leaf blower is quite suitable for gutter maintenance, as well. Investing in a clog-free gutter system is a good idea if you've got a wooded yard. 

Windows and Doors

In the event your residence has newer, energy-efficient windows and doors, clean the build up from the frames and check that the weather-stripping is clean as well as maintained. This is an excellent task for a blustery day--it is easier to determine if there are gaps when you can feel the wind. In the event the weather-stripping is degrading, exchange it--it is economical and found in a variety of colors at home improvement stores.

If you've got older windows with screens, take off the screens and exchange them with storm windows. The storms are heavier glass that can help retain warmth.


Once again, considering the fact that you've only recently purchased the property, the chimney for a wood burning fireplace should be in fine condition. It's still wise to look for any debris which is dropped in, along with little wildlife which may have thought they would nest there. You do not need your first roaring fire being enhanced with eau de squirrel.

Patio Furniture

The way in which you handle your outdoor living spaces depends significantly on where you reside. In certain regions, you can utilize your yard year 'round; in others you'll want to start buttoning up by the beginning of Fall. If nasty conditions are standard, cover your furniture or even carry it inside in the car port or basement, and protect barbecue grills, also. Plastic playthings (playhouses, sandboxes) need to have shelter, so protect all those as well--it is nice to keep those outdoors for sunny days when the kiddies need to get outside the house.

Congratulations on becoming a home owner in Houston, and if you don't presently have a leaf blower, get one. It's the best tool imaginable for home maintenance.

And, if you would like become a new homeowner and need assistance moving in Houston, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group a call!!


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